MicroMill is a company started by Rob Millenaar. More information on both here.

Rob Millenaar

The owner of MicroMill and the author of this site. Among his wide-ranging interests, he especially likes science, electronics, books, photography, travel, hiking, running, the exciting sport of glider flying, the list goes on…

His ambition is to combine these passions and talents to create a unique perspective.

Weather permitting he wears shorts and sandals.


At the the Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy  ASTRON, electronics engineer working on the development of electronic systems for this science discipline. Initially for the Dwingeloo and Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope in The Netherlands and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope on Hawaii, and later for the next generation super telescope Square Kilometre Array SKA with the main office in the UK and sites in South Africa and Australia.


The company was started in the year 1985 as a software development initiative for small and medium scale businesses and professionals. Initially it filled the gap between the standard software packages and the enterprise tools that could not effectively serve these target clients at affordable cost. Numerous custom software packages were developed and deployed.

The most prominent activity at this time is the development of electronics for niche markets, especially in the area of gliding instruments and photography.

The extensive experience in high quality photography is also being marketed via MicroMill through stock photography and publications.